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          Service System
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          Service System

          After-sales service system and service satisfaction degree are thought to be the first-class by our entire customer. Service quality is becoming our most competitive advantage. Service quality&attitude--High&Efficient Strengthen the pre-sale, sale, and after-sale service. Apply our service conception into the progress: Order→Produce→Quality control → Fix →Debug →Operate. Receiving the feedback of quality, engineers should give response in the first time or send specialities to solve the problem as soon as possible. Practice the vision “No satisfaction, no ending”. So as to ensure and improving customer’s satisfaction. Set up customer-centric service model and customer relationship management (CRM) mechanisms; Sequential perfect service quality and operation system; Endlessly enhance the company's reputation and customer loyalty of our power brand.

          We annually carry out product quality survey with customer for twice, and keep feedback recorded. We are ready to meet your requirements for spare parts at any time.